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Summer Routines

I have a few additional goals I want to accomplish this summer.  Most of these are things that I want to add to my daily/weekly routines:

  • Shoot one roll (or 10 images) of film every week. Mail off film every 6-8 weeks.
  • Create a house cleaning routine, so I don’t have to do it all at once. Run dishwasher after breakfast is completed while we are at work. Do not let clean clothes sit in the dryer.
  • Blog more.  One photo post every week.  One goal post every week.

And a few non-routine goals:

  • Do not buy anything for myself the month of June.
  • Decide whether to close Loving Care Photography.
  • Decide whether to combine this tumblr with my photography blog.
  • Finalize photos for our wedding album.
  • Edit short video clips for our honeymoon summary.
  • Post honeymoon photos.

Do you have anything you want to accomplish this summer?  I’d love to chat about any and all of these and yours!

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Goodbye Facebook App

This past weekend I took a break from Facebook.  I deleted it from both my iPhone and iPad.  Since I rarely go on my computer over the weekend I wasn’t tempted by the bookmark I have for it.  I didn’t miss it at all!  I still haven’t put the app back on my phone, but I did check my notifications on the computer.  I like the idea of not having facebook on my phone.  I won’t be tempted to check it throughout the day.  I won’t miss anything!  I might put it back on my iPad, just for ease when I’m relaxing in the evening, but maybe not.

I did go on Pinterest a lot more this weekend, since I didn’t have Facebook to fall back on, ha! Pinterest always makes me hungry since I follow so many food boards.  I love Pinterest for visual bookmarking and getting inspiration.  I used to have a ton of photos saved on my computer for interiors and hair cuts, but now I just use it on Pinterest.  But it is easy to get lost on there for way too long.  I will need to work on this!

I have also trimmed my blog reader down again to only my favorites.  I follow a lot of bloggers on twitter, so if they have a post that sounds great I can read it that way. 

And I am still loving Instagram, so I do check that a lot!  It’s just fun to see.

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Last week was terrible since I didn’t plan out our meals.  Now I want to get back to it, so I spent some time with a stack of magazines and came up with the below list:

May 26th Meal Plan:

1. Sunday - Sautéed shrimp and seared scallops with asparagus

2. Monday - Buffalo burgers with grilled onions and roasted cauliflower (Burger and onion recipe from DDPYoga)

3. Tuesday - Crock Pot Balsamic Chicken

4. Wednesday - Jesse grilling fish he caught himself and broccoli

5. Thursday - My parents are coming over with a take-out dinner

6. Friday - Slow Cooker Beer Chicken with brown rice and crispy green beans

7. Saturday - Sweet and Sour Panko-Crusted Scallops Stir Fry (Recipe from Clean Eating Magazine April/May 2013)

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Wedding Planning

Hello all!  I’m sorry i’ve been so MIA around here. I really love these goal posts, so I want to get back to updating them and reflecting.  It helps hold me accountable and keep me optimistic.

My wedding was absolutely amazing!  The best ever!  It was worth all the hard work and money spent.  I will be reflecting more on the day in another post.  Right now, I wanted to tell you how I did on my "Not be a Bridezilla" goal.  As well as the last two weeks leading up to the wedding.

And I can successfully say I did great!  The week before the wedding, my mom hosted my bridal shower since all of my English family was in town, so it was great to be able to include them.  Plus, none of them had ever been to a bridal shower before because it is an American thing.  My Gran was hilarious as always. :)  That same day, the men (Jesse, my dad, my uncle, my cousin-in-law, and Jesse’s uncle) went deep sea fishing.  I was a little intense on them to put on sunscreen.  And to not get burned.  I didn’t want them to look like lobsters in the wedding photos!  But, I knew I would feel this way so I allowed myself to be “bridezilla” about this one thing from the beginning, haha.  I wasn’t that bad about it though!

But honestly, I wasn’t that stressed leading up to my wedding.  I didn’t let it get to me.  I wanted to enjoy my time with my family and with Jesse’s family.  I even went to my regular workout class the Wednesday before my Saturday wedding!  People thought that was hilarious, but I wanted to feel great on the day and working out helps with that both physically and emotionally.

Something else that helped was planning a date night with just Jesse and I the Thursday before the wedding.  Our families had been in town since two weeks before the wedding, so we hadn’t had much time for ourselves.  We weren’t eating very well because we were always having dinner with them.  But I wouldn’t change that for a second!  Our date night was wonderful!  We had sushi at our favorite place and enjoyed each other’s company as two single people.  I would recommend this to anyone getting married!

I second guessed myself a few times.  I wasn’t sure it would come together.  I went with all white decorations with a few champagne accents.  I started worrying things would too bland.  My mom said no it will look great.  I believed her and moved on.  She was right of course.  And everything looked amazing!  And the whole day felt wonderful!  And I was glad I didn’t stress too much about the little stuff.  And it was all little stuff.

I was tested when my mom’s friend who volunteered to be our hair stylist/makeup artist dropped out on us due to a family emergency five weeks before the wedding.  I understood and wasn’t angry.  I only had three dreams about my wedding in almost 16 months of planning.  And each time it centered around her not showing up.  So I was almost relieved.  I was too busy at my new job to do anymore vendor searching, so I enlisted my mom to call around for me.  I did give her a couple leads and she took it from there.  The first five places we called were already booked that day for multiple weddings.  Eventually my mom found a place with both a hair stylist and make-up artist available!  My trial run with them a week later was amazing!  They were so nice and I immediately knew I would look beautiful!  Even this problem worked out better than I expected!

My advice: Weddings are fun but they are stressful.  It’s important to realize that the marriage lasts a lifetime and it isn’t just between you and the groom, but also your family and your groom’s family.  Invitations, dresses, decor, etc isn’t as important as you think.  It will all come together.  Focus on one thing at a time.  Set deadlines for yourself and research all that you want until that time.  Then make a decision, and stick to it.  Try not to second guess yourself.  I promise it will work out.

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I didn’t get around to planning out our meals this week. Which also means I didn’t get around to going grocery shopping yesterday. I get lazy when it is cold.

I decided we should order pizza last night. Bad decision. We feel so gross today now.

I woke up to having no milk or bread for my usual toast and tea breakfast. Oops.

I would go grocery shopping this weekend, but I am doing my wedding makeup and hair trial after work. Not my best moment of planning. I will have to go tomorrow after work, but that doesn’t help us with lunches the next two days!

I must be better especially as the wedding approaches in

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February 3rd Meal Plan

Actually no meal plan this week. I did go grocery shopping today though! We have a lot of frozen chicken, shrimp, and scallops so we will be eating that each night.

Super Bowl - taking out wings from Hooters

Jesse is preparing something since I am working out after work

Eating at my parents!

Again I am working out after work, so Jesse will be preparing something - probably shrimp and scallops and broccoli

I’ll pick a chicken recipe I like

Again I have time to find a recipe

My first wedding dress fitting!!!

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I am not doing very well on cutting back my social media use. I have this crazy desire to catch up on everything! It is so weird because none of this stuff really matters.

My RSS reader feels overwhelming and I already cut it down at the beginning of this new year in anticipation of this goal, which included all of the wedding blogs except for two that are just great. There are some blogs I really love and they help me with business ideas or just life ideas. There are some others I love but aren’t useful. I don’t have the time to read everything anymore. I know I should cut it down to just the bare essentials that I can read while eating my breakfast/lunch/weekend for 30 minutes or so! This is going to be a weekend goal!

I have always had a love/hate relationship with Twitter and I’m in the hate part right now. I guess this is a good thing because I’m not checking it at all except to see if someone contacted me once or twice a day.

Instagram, while I love it, is tiring me out! I am always checking it and liking almost everybody’s pictures! I need some overhaul of this, but not sure how to do that except maybe to cut back on the number of people I follow!

Let’s see what I can get done this weekend where I will have a social media free weekend again to see if that helps cut it back!

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January 27th Meal Plan

Roasted Peppers & Shrimp Pasta
(Clean Eating Magazine Nov/Dec 2012)

Thai Pork and Papaya on Couscous
(Clean Eating Magazine July 2011)

Coq Au Vin
(Clean Eating Magazine Nov/Dec 2012)

Pick up dinner

Maple-Dijon Cod
(Clean Eating Magazine March 2012)

Curried Turkey Burger Sliders with Roasted Broccoli
(Clean Eating Magazine July 2011)

Spaghetti Squash with Chicken
(Clean Eating Magazine Nov/Dec 2012)

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25/30 Days of Clean Eating

The holidays were bad this year for eating well. I was buying snacks which meant we were eating snacks. I wasn’t cooking much so we were eating out a lot. It just wasn’t good.
One of my goals from last year was to try thirty days of clean eating. I never really got that opportunity last year and was always making excuses. But since I do have a wedding to be in soon ;) and the holidays were so bad, Jesse and I both decided to stop drinking until Super Bowl and eat as clean as possible. We are 25 days in since we started on the 2nd. We’ve been really good! Mostly clean foods, organic whenever possible, cooking at home instead of eating out, no red meat, and definitely no drinking.
The first two weeks I really wanted a glass of wine, but that craving went away after that. I could have definitely enjoyed a bad snack once or twice but I didn’t give in to the bags of chips in my new office break room one time last week! I feel like I have more energy and I lost 5 pounds which is what I was hoping to do! Jesse has lost 11! Making my meal plans for the week on Sundays are helping so much. I should start posting them here as well.
Tonight we had to go to Jesse’s boss’s house for dinner so we did have a glass of wine and ate steak. I was so tired after dinner and wine though! And I didn’t really enjoy it all that much. I am definitely enjoying eating this way. I know I’m not being perfectly clean in all my choices but it’s good enough for me right now.

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